Stories reported for The Oregonian/OregonLive:

Churches in Roseburg, Oregon banded together after Oregon’s deadliest mass shooting

A 20-year-old Hillsboro, Oregon resident who died in a seven-car crash is remembered for her love of family and animals

A fire that destroyed Eugene, Oregon’s historic Civic Stadium left fans of the ballpark ‘stunned and saddened’

Follow-up: Four boys were facing first-degree arson charges in connection with the fire

Mechanical problems kept a fake orca from thrilling onlookers and scaring sea lions in Astoria, Oregon

After spending seven years and $430,000 on two-way streets, Hillsboro, Oregon ditched its conversion plan

Stories reported for the Columbus Dispatch and The Post


The way a friend’s body looked at her funeral prompted Melinda Coffman to return to school and enter the mortuary business. “After seeing her in her casket, I knew I could do better,” Coffman said. “I knew I could make her look more like Lindsay.”

Extension extension

At 100 years old, the Ohio State University Extension must reinvent itself in order to stay useful, relevant.

Dining amid the din

Although ear-splitting background noise and loud music are representative of current restaurant norms, the unnecessary din can drive diners away.

She’s three feet tall and weighs 23 pounds, but to her parents — both students — Ryleigh Smith bears the weight of the world. To complicate matters, they say Ohio University isn’t doing its share of the lifting.


A national conversation about pornography erupted when a Duke University freshman was outed as a rising erotica actress in 2013. Why haven’t we been talking about the genre all along?


Among top scientists at an international research firm, a surprising number have a collegiate athletic connection.

The woman who used to teach kindergarteners to read is now teaching herself to do the same — with the help of students.


The chance to study a bug smaller than the size of a fingernail gives researchers reason to visit Antarctica.


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