Here’s to the nights where I walk home in short sleeves in the middle of winter. Thumbs up for a fantastic day of work. Cheers to amazing friends. Rock on for looking forward to tomorrow. And gosh darn it, huzzah for living the life!

Everything isn’t always glorious — I’ll admit that I’m not short on complaints being that it’s getting late in the quarter — but when I take a minute or two to take a step back and breathe, I’m pretty happy with what I see.

There’s nothing like sitting outside in the dead of winter, barefoot, listening to new music and writing. At least to me. It makes me darn happy. On every side of me there are black windows. Above me is a black, starless sky. The only light is coming from my computer’s dwindling battery.

Besides the fact that I have an exam in about 10 hours, I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve learned that sometimes I get too caught up in myself. I’ll stress, speculate and ponder things that I can’t control — that I don’t need to control. I ended up here in Ohio because of a couple strikes of fate and I have no reason to believe that anything other than that will put me where I belong in the future.

Nights like these make me want to freeze time because when I look back on my life from a rocking chair on a porch somewhere they will be a lot of what I remember from “my college experience.”

And as much as I’m excited to watch my life unfold, I’m equally happy in experiencing the present. Opportunities like this don’t stay around forever and I’d be mistaken to watch them all fly by with my nose in a textbook.

When the morning hits me like a brick and I sit down for my exam, the world will flip back to an alternate reality, which I’d rather avoid but know deep down is truly important. Someday I’m going to reach back in my memory bank and pull out an old file with knowledge of King Louis VII or economic theory.

At least I hope so.

Since this is my blog, nobody can tell me that I’m unqualified to give advice. So, for those who aren’t this high on life or are less than thrilled with their day-to-day, jazz it up. Make yourself happy. Don’t get caught up in the little things. Or maybe find a little thing to get caught up in.

Who knows, maybe you’ve been overlooking potential awesomeness all along.



2 thoughts on “Awesomeness

  1. You can’t beat a successful write-in on a day in which it was meant to happen.

    Over the break I sat down at Village Green Records, the record store on Ball State’s campus. Owned, ran and lived in by a friend [I consider him to be, as well as a bit of a mentor] of mine, Travis, a man by the name of Algier who, to call his character dynamic is a heinous understatement, chose an ice cream truck as his muse; making a hobby out of renovating it [adding an indoor lounging area on the roof] and a living out of cutting hair in this same palace of refined, dazzling creativity.
    Take these two, mix in a musician with a dry, Paul-Rudd-like sense of humor who hoists a respectful beard; a talented, zany, idealistic, albeit occasionally abrasive, budding documentary filmmaker, and a rambunctious yet aloof cat with a one-in-a-million taste in music and you have the setting for the longest sprint of writing I had done to date.
    I walked across the street, into Jimmy Johns, traded the workers an order for a smile and a few dead men for a Bootlegger on Wheat, threw in a cherry coke and headed back to where I would spend the next 6 hours of my life writing, talking to Travis, the customers that meandered through, and listening to one brilliant song after another, always seeming to compliment the mood in which I needed to write.

    I wrote nearly 20 pages that day, and that story is my longest yet.

    Here’s to the subtle awesomeness in every day.

    Posted by I'll go by Jess (since you're the only one here who calls me that) | February 23, 2012, 8:29 pm
    • Hey Jess,

      It’s dumb of me to reply to this so long after you wrote it, but I’ll do it anyway. I remember reading your comment four or five minutes after you posted it and realized it’d be creepy for me to shoot one back at you within a couple minutes, haha.
      That sounds like a truly rocking day. I get in those modes sometimes where I just can’t go to bed and I just want to pound away at this keyboard for hours. And the sad thing is that a lot of the time I don’t let myself because I have more “productive” things to do.
      But hey, you have to do what you have to do. As cliché as that is.
      Here’s to awesomeness.


      Posted by James Ryan | March 6, 2012, 11:57 pm

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