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Round two of video production

For my final journalism project of the quarter, and the academic year, for that matter, I was told to make a multimedia project for the website, a smaller scale version of, which showcases professional work that is solicited for no cost to whomever wants to publish it. This site caters to college students and those looking to get their work publicized on a high level.

Sounds perfect for a guy like me, right? Actually, it was perfect for our whole class, which is filled with people similar to myself.

Strouds Run, the home of the Ohio crew teams.

Also, we had the opportunity throughout the video creation process to meet with Phil Rees, a former documentary filmmaker and BBC journalist. He was the perfect source to critique our work and point us in the right direction when thing went awry, which was more often than not.

Originally, my project was in shambles. To make a video about prosthetics in athletics, you need someone who has a prosthetic and is an athlete.


I had all of the sources I needed and plenty of knowledge on my subject matter, but no subject, per se.

One of my friends pointed me toward a young woman who eventually became the sole focus of my video, saving my project as I had envisioned it. From there, everything flowed as it should have. I got decent footage, had a couple of good interviews and did not have any massive technical problems, for once. Knock on wood for the future.

I’d encourage you all, media savvy or not, to watch my video and let me know what you think, even if your feedback is minimal. I have been able to incorporate most of the things I have learned through others into my work and I believe I am churning out better projects because of it.

As always, thanks for reading!



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My name is Jim Ryan, and I'm a breaking news reporter for The Oregonian and OregonLive in Portland. I'm an Ohio University graduate from Gaylord, Michigan.

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