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Brian Stelter, make-believe journalism outlets and space

Don’t you love it when someone from the New York Times walks into your newsroom while you’re doing your astronomy homework?

That literally applies to zero other people, I’d have to think.

As the first paragraph eludes to, earlier today I was sitting in The Post’s newsroom just passing some time with my space homework when Brian Stelter of the NYT walked through the door with the director of the Journalism School saying something to the effect of “man, this even smells like a college newsroom!”

No offense taken.

For the following two hours Stelter engaged us in a Q&A session about life, journalism, karaoke and news in general.

Yes, karaoke.

Of all the presentations and guest speakers I have listened to over the first month of college (isn’t that a crazy thought? A month of college!), Stelter provoked the most thought. The fact that he’s young, 26, and self-taught (he founded TV Newser), gave me all the reason to try and picture myself in his shoes.

It’s incredible to me that Stelter has climbed to arguably the peak of the journalistic world within a couple years of college graduation. The Times is a dream work environment for the bulk of all journalism students. Someday I’d love to earn myself a cubicle in New York City, fighting and clawing for space in the print edition or whatever medium is the most prevalent at the time, upon more consideration.

Backtracking a little, I was able to get a sneak peek into the NYT‘s general happenings a couple of weeks back when one of the j-school’s freshman classes had a showing of Page One, a documentary showcasing life at the historic news outlet.

Seeing the documentary prior to listening to Stelter made the talk all the more interesting. Diving into the social media world, television coverage analysis, new age of journalism and life in the Big Apple with Stelter gave me even more motivation to not only get up to snuff in the journalism world, but to go above and beyond.

I figure if I can sit down with enough of these people I’ll get to the top in no time. Pretty much any story pitch you gave me tonight I’d be all over — I always leave the presentations feeling ambitious.

Maybe I’m more of a journalism geek than I had thought. Oh well!

The more I get immersed in my field of choice, the more I realize that I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I declared I was going to be a journalist someday. Granted, I was probably 12 or 13 years old, but the point stands.

Back then I thought I was going to write stuff for the rest of my life. That’s the most broad, ridiculous statement ever. Okay maybe not ever. Anyway, I never imagined as a freshman at Ohio University I’d be shopping for a camera with a four-digit price tag or trading punches with GarageBand, producing audio pieces. Heck, I would have never thought I’d be doing this. Blogging was nonexistent back then — at least to me, the seventh grader.

Point being, when I’m looking back on this in a couple of years, say another six, I’ll be saying something to the tune of “Ha! Back when I was a freshman at OU I would have never seen myself frequenting the zorbosphere.” (Zorbosphere being my make-believe journalism outlet of the future, just to clarify.)

My life is unfolding before my eyes. What makes it all the better is that I spring out of bed each morning with an enthusiasm fueled by all of the opportunities and change that’s set in my future. I do have to be careful, though. Too much energy causes me to bang my head pretty good — my cramped top bunk doesn’t allot much room for excitement.

I hope you thought that was funny.

Seriously though, listening to Stelter talk about his college days where he churned out 15 posts a day is super motivating to me. As I said, I can’t help to strive to be where he is by the time I reach my mid-20s.

Crap, I forgot all about my astronomy.



4 thoughts on “Brian Stelter, make-believe journalism outlets and space

  1. haha so awesome, I can’t wait until we are done with all the “extra” classes and can just devote our entire being to journalism. I had to take a break from spanish grammar to read this but it was totally worth it. Now I am definitely going to J101 tomorrow.

    Posted by annwatercutter | October 3, 2011, 11:24 pm
  2. Awesome post Jim. I’m really mad I didn’t get a chance to come in and listen to him yesterday – Spanish called. Sounds like it was a sweet experience though. I’ll have to check out that movie too – I’ve always wondered what i would be like to work with the NYTimes. See ya later!

    Posted by Brian Vadakin | October 4, 2011, 11:37 am

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